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Date/Time Event
All Day
Comedy Night to Benefit the Moorestown Rotary Club
Moorestown Community House, Moorestown NJ
8:00 pm
Comedy Night at Villager's Theatre
Villager’s Theatre, Somerset NJ
8:30 pm
Thursday Night Comedy at the Railroad Cafe
Railroad Cafe, East Rutherford NJ

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Comedienne Mollie Sperduto performs all around the Northeast (and beyond!).  She brings a lot to the comedy table: her laid back beach-area lifestyle; her fair-skinned inability to look like she even knows what a beach is; her ability to panic at everything; all topped off with a guise of “cute and innocent” that you’ll believe for a minute or two.  Come stay awhile – laugh, and learn more about the most neurotic hippie you’ll ever meet.

Start by watching my latest video.   Although be advised, at times you’ll find videos on here that aren’t of me doing stand-up – but whether I’m posting a song from my band Face Basement,  posting footage of a Tough Mudder (or any other obstacle course race I’m running) or putting up material related to that other project I’m working on, it’s all pretty entertaining and (dare I say) worth watching.  To see more videos, click HERE.

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