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Random Ramblings


Because we all need a dose of silly conversations we’ve overheard…or engaged in.

As part of the “cookie” challenge…you can submit 10 ramblings (and not even all at once!) for a coupon.  See here if you don’t know what the “cookie” challenge is.

Go Go Gadget, Ramblings!

text1: I’m off
text2: yaya
text2: tata
text1: tee hee.  that was silly.
text1: you just sang lady marmalade


“You know, a person who reluctantly goes into medicine has the capacity to kill people.”
“Yeah, but I could also go to jail.”
“Exactly.  So don’t go to med school.”


“You want to put zinc oxide on your nose too, honey.  You don’t want to catch sun…cancer.”


text1: im doing props for the worst show possible. its a neil simon comedy where the main character throws EVERY PROP around until it BREAKS. yesterday he shattered the wastebasket. and i only sighed.
text1: *shrug* what can i do.
text2: make new props.
text2: make them out of combs


Facebook newsfeed:
“Mollie Sperduto added, ‘I’m a prepubescent boy at heart’ to her favorite TV shows, 10:42AM”


“It’s worse for girls because, well, they can’t pee on the side of the road.”
“Says you!  Why else do you think I wear skirts all the time?”


text1: it’ll make you want to stop everything and find him and fuck the shit out of him
text1: …gently


“You need to hook up with a girl so that I can watch it and take pictures.”
“Sorry, don’t think that’s gonna happen for you.”
“That’s ok.  I have Photoshop.”


text1: sorry, my mom just spilled catfood and I was helping her clean it up
text1: Not only am I going to avoid asking her what she’s doing up at 2 in the morning, but I’m also going to avoid asking her what the hell she’s doing with catfood.