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Take the “Mollie Sperduto Owes Me a Cookie” Challenge!

Do you like funny things?

Do you like when other people find your things funny?

Do you like when other people buy you things, because they saw stuff that you thought was funny, and they thought it was funny too?

Did you answer “no” to any of the above questions?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you need to take the “Mollie Sperduto Owes me a Cookie” Challenge!


To begin, please go take a quick gander at my blog. I try to keep it entertaining, both with original content and with some stuff I just find to be funny.  BUT, I want to make sure that all of YOU viewers are indeed entertained.  And what better way to do that, than to have you all contribute to the conversation?

This is an invitation to ALL OF YOU to submit any content that you think is funny, and as a result should be posted on my blog.  It can be original content you created, or it could be something you found on the Internets that you think would feel at home amongst the tom foolery being cultivated here.

If I so choose to use it (and I probably will), you will be sent your very own “Mollie Sperduto Owes me a Cookie” one-time pass!  Bring this to any show that I am performing at, present it to me, and I will indeed treat you to something right then and there on the spot.

Author’s note: I use the term “cookie” very loosely.  Please keep in mind that many of the venues that comedy shows are held in do not carry cookies, so please be willing to accept a beer, a coffee, a slice of pizza, or something equivalent to the above, in lieu of a cookie in these circumstances.



Find content, and e-mail it to

10 ramblings = 1 piece of content


If it is original content, I reserve the right to edit it mildly before posting (if it is written content, of course…).  You reserve the right to approve the edited version prior to my posting.

Everything else is pretty fair game until I change the rules.

I’ll let you know when I change the rules.



A cookie

I’ll give you credit for your post (it’s only fair).