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The Entertaining Minutiae of this Week


A few tidbits that entertained me over the past few days…

Went to Google the song “Punching in a Dream” by Naked and Famous.  When you ask Siri to search for it for you, she just hears “Google naked and famous punching in a dream” –luckily, she pulled up what we were initially searching for.

In that same vein, I was once told I needed to see a weird movie poster for the Yogi Bear movie a few years back – it had the slogan “Everything’s coming in bears” and it was apparently…weird.  The person telling me about it had a hard time describing it, so she went “Just do a Google image search for ‘Coming in bears,'” which I decided I was better off not doing.

Some time later, I told my friend that story, and he decided to do the Google image search for me.  It was definitely an eye-opener…though I imagine the search would have produced different results had he spelled “coming” with an “o.”

I never did get around to seeing that poster…

What else was entertaining…I learned how to properly pronounce “gauze.”  It all started when my husband was really confused as to why I bought him a bunch of gays, and why I put the gays on the bathroom counter (I mean, hospitality first, we should have been offering them food).

Then I found out two days later that I’ve been pronouncing “reprise” incorrectly my entire life.

I’m done with words.