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What are Random Ramblings?


Hey all!  It’s been awhile.  My fault.  Let’s move on.

So, I made two posts back in the day titled “Random Ramblings.”  You can find them here and here.   Basically, they’re pages of overheard quotes, both spoken as well as via any type of electronic messaging.

Random Ramblings started when I was in high school, a long, long time ago.  Honestly, actually not that long.  But brace yourselves because it was long enough ago for me to include some SERIOUS THROWBACK TERMS into this story.

Back in AIM’s (what??) heyday, we all had not just AIM profiles, but AIM subprofiles (WHAAAT??).  Shit guys, I almost forgot what those things were called.  I had to google it, and while in my rabbit hole I found some other antiques like “buddy profile” and “angelfire.”

Anyway, we could make a bunch of different pages on our subprofiles – favorite quotes!  More info about me!  Some survey I ripped off a chain email to tell you even more about me!  We didn’t have lives.

I created a page that I titled “Random Ramblings.”  Initially it was going to be some drivel about whatever I felt like ranting about at the time.  But apparently my mind was vacant for awhile after that and the page remained blank.  You’ve all seen how often I update this blog – seriously, some things never change.

At some point, I decided my friends and I say funny things, and I wanted to document this somewhere.  Then I realized I have a blank page on my subprofile called “Random Ramblings”!!  HOW PERFECT!  And thus THE Random Ramblings was born.  It kept going until I busted through the character limit on the page.  Then I created a new page, and kept that up until I busted through the page limit on my subprofile.  Then my ramblings all migrated to a page I created on AOL Hometown (SERIOUSLY WHAT??), which got shut down at one point, but luckily I saved all my ramblings onto an MS Word document (phew that’s still relevant), so they’re still alive – just mostly unpublished.

So in coming up with ideas of stuff I can blog about, I thought about unearthing some of these ramblings (and adding a few current ones, since believe it or not, a few funny things were said since high school).  I thought it was genius.  It was addictive then, why shouldn’t it be addictive now?

Then I realize it’s not catching on.  And I had no idea why.

“Because anything you say on your blog is like a tree falling in the middle of the woods, because you write in it once like every eight months.” SHUT UP I DIDN’T ASK FOR YOUR OPINION.

It failed to occur to me that the ratio of people I went to high school with versus the rest of the world is not in my close-knit circle’s favor.  “Random Ramblings” was a title I gave to similar pages back in the day, when I only had a handful of friends who caught onto the concept and COULDN’T FREAKIN WAIT (their words, not mine, honest) for my next installment.  Anyone who sees a blog titled “Random Ramblings” without having been friends with me in high school probably thinks I’m rambling about random things.  Weird conclusion, right?

So will I change the title of my Random Ramblings segments moving forward to make it more stranger-friendly?  Will I force people to just catch on for themselves?  Will I quit being a comedian and become a professional flautist? I don’t quite know yet.  I’ve only tried to play a flute like twice in my life.  At any rate, stay tuned.  And impress people with your newfound knowledge of Random Ramblings history.