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I’M GOING ON A (one-night) TOUR (in Union County) TOMORROW!


Happy Miercoles, kiddies!

So instead of another set of Random Ramblings again (you’re welcome), I figured I’d plug a comedy show DOUBLE HEADER I’ll be doing tomorrow up in Union County!

The first show (advertised on my calendar) is the Crossroads at Garwood, on 78 North Ave., which starts at 7:30PM.  Featured comedians include Chip Ambrogio, Tina Marie, Adam LucidiRenee Minter, Lisa Wolff Hyman, Karlyn Briggs,  Mario Gentile, Steve Schwarz, Trish Vignola-Tyler, Candice Wisser Eisenberger, Rocco Romeo and me!  Hosted by the lovely Kim Jonny and Comedy Jam Productions.

The second show (not advertised on my calendar…A BLOG EXCLUSIVE) is at McLynn’s, on 250 Morris Ave. in Springfield.  That show starts at 9PM, and always features a grab bag of comics from all experience levels.  Mostly planned, some surprises along the way.  The show lineup is rather comparable to pregnancies in that respect.

Both shows are FREE ENTRY, and the McLynn’s show generally doesn’t start until all the comics and groupies from Crossroads make it over (the producers know how this thing works).

So if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not!) and looking for something to do, well now you have two things to do.  Swing on by!