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More than 140 characters of space for me to rant!


So you all got my warning shot.  Then I didn’t talk for awhile.

In fact, I still may not talk for awhile.

Frankly, I blame Twitter.

Back in the glory days of high school, I was the mack-daddy of long-winded blog rants.  I have them all saved in a xanga account I hid somewhere in cyberspace.  I may need to read them again, in order to re-teach myself how to remark on something wittily, using more than one sentence.  I’m restoring the art form, with my own two hands.

But since everything I ever do in life takes lots and lots of work (after it takes even more procrastination), you might hear from me again about 3 years from now, at the earliest.

See you when I return from my cyber-pilgrimage.

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