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Random Ramblings, or Overheard in Mollie’s World


Testing out new names for my Random Ramblings page.  It will probably come down to being called “Random Ramblings, or [whatever my alternate title is of the moment]” and I’m okay with that.  Let’s get started.


“Can you please pass me the jigger?”
“That’s ‘JIGGA,’ you can’t say ‘jigger!'”


(During an Apples to Apples game)
“All right, here’s what we’ve got for ‘twisted.’  We have Princess Diana, SHE is not twisted.”
“She is now.”


Text1: So we have a nice discussion, I’m playing it cool on the outside while I’m thinking OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG
Text1: hehehe…if you off centered that people would think that I’m saying GOM!  GOM!  GOM!


“Yeah, bicycles are manly.  So manly that Queen wrote a song about them.”


“The one time I really interacted with him he came off so dumb.”
“To his credit he’s actually pretty bright.  He just doesn’t express it well because he has the personality of a piece of cork.”


Text1: when is your free sat our is it only free from job so you can go to the other?
Text2: No idea what you’re trying to say
Text1: That was heavily autocorrected…
Text2: It’s fun to read out loud
Text1: me talk pretty one day


Text1: i wouldnt get bored either
Text1: if I was having an orgy with 3 men
Text1: if I found it boring, that would make me sound GAYER than I already made myself sound


“I don’t believe in God!”


Text1: and it’s kinda like a fluffer nutter
Text1: but with attitude.
Text2: but a fluffer nutter has nothing to do with chocolate…
Text2: also
Text2: heheheheheheheh fluffer
Text1: MY fluffer has chocolate on it
Text1: …wow
Text1: SHUT UP!


“What do you call an Ethiopian family portrait?  A barcode!”
“OH MY GOD!  I have to tell my mom that one!!”